Frozen Balls up Rally
Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th February 2018

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Frozen Balls Up Rally 
Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th February 2018 

Rally Ticket sales
Online ticket and SAE sales are now closed.
You can still buy O.T.G for £15 each
See you Friday

Buy online: Ticket Sales Closed - O.T.G only £15 each

A Rally in February ! Are we mad ?

Yes, we’re mad!
In fact, most would say quiet committable – but we’re also great fun and lovely bunch of Oddballs and we would love you to join us and hundreds of like-minded bikers at our Frozen Ballsup Rally this February.

The gang have been hard at work planning, from scouting out bands, booking the marquee, arguing over who gets the grave yard shift when you lot are enjoying yourselves and debating on the loos and how many (serious stuff this is). But we’re not going to bore you with the details (anymore), we want to paint a picture (it’s not gallery worthy, none of us are artistic in that way – just piss artists!) of the best thing since Christmas! 

So, you finish doing whatever you do for the week, be that working, looking after the brats (sorry!.. kids) or enjoying a life of luxury and you are facing yet another boring, dreary February weekend – you could instead jump on your bike, freeze your nuts off on a ride that is probably going to seem like a great idea, but you regret 10 minutes down the road as you decided against buying those Richa Winter riding gloves at Christmas. But, as we are hardy bikers who don’t shy away; unless you’re a Harley rider….; that and the promise of beer, is too strong – you battle on!

Upon arrival, as you unfurl your frozen fingers off the handle bars and fiddle with that little bleeding clasp on your helmet, we welcome you with a wholehearted smile and usher you into the arms of our warm, cosy control tent. We then torture you by making you write your details on a form with hands that haven’t turned a normal colour yet. But we make up for this by giving you a free warm drink and rewarding you with a shot of something to put the hairs back on your chest – we’re not sure what it is, but it certainly helps you forget how cold you are!

Once you’ve got your wristband, caught up with fellow winter rider veterans and thawed out a little, it’s time for you to go in search of your little piece of land and stake your claim for your weekend home. Whether you are a ‘near the bogs’ or ‘stumbling distance from the marquee’ kinda biker, there is plenty of space to choose from – if you get there early enough. Once you have managed to erect your nylon home, take time to identify your surroundings and clock who your neighbours are, these are key to you getting back to the right tent later on, think of it as a guidance system.

The setting up can now commence, this isn’t always straight forward what with the proffering of beer from friends, advice on where you should angle your tent door and general rally chat, but it’s all part of the experience. Once you’re all set up and found someone who carries one of those fancy electric air pumps to blow your airbed up, you can relax and get the party started.

We’re not going to describe the party that is to be had in the heated marquee, we will leave that up to your imagination - this has nothing to do with our lack thereof, but who are we to tell you how to party?….. In all honesty, it’s because we don’t really remember that party in its entirety do we (but we sure know that we enjoyed ourselves!)? We can however lay blame the partial memory loss to the swig after swig of tipple from varying battered flasks obtained from our fellow biker compadres whilst rocking out to our awesome hand selected bands, this year Hollow Point and Tonto’s Rock Disco with a bit of AC/DC, Stone Roses, Iron Maiden and alike. Whilst you’re partying, watch out for our resident photographer Garreth who will be capturing the fun, the frolics and the guy sleeping in the corner with cans balanced on his head.

We then move onto the morning after the night before….
That feeling of Jack frost nipping at your toes (because you left the tent door open when you collapsed in after a night of partying) is worthwhile when you arrive aka stagger to the 24hr control tent for a hot drink or a tongue in cheek relay of the previous night’s antics - some of it will be exaggerated, because you know, its fun. We Oddballs are on hand all weekend so even if you need something a little more soothing than a coffee, we have a first aid kit and sober(ish) first aiders, we also have charging points for your mobiles (we have to move with the times), free hot water bottle top ups and if you’re lucky a decent choccie biccy!

During the Saturday, we have a range of activities planned, such as recovering from the previous night’s antics (we recommend a dose of Rènè’s soup for this!), visits to the local town to top up at the Old Post Office pub and if we manage to organise ourselves - the good old ‘Silly Games’! We have some new members this year too (that’s going to be fun!). We also recommend you use the Saturday to have a wonder round the site to admire the machines on show, this is after all a biker rally and we like to show off our pride and joys.

As the night begins to draw in again and before the party gets started, there will be a raffle and prizes for various ‘Best’ in attendance and longest distance; even more impressive in this weather; and a few cheques given out from charity efforts. We then have the legendary Swillers lined up and again then good old Tonto rocking us into the wee hours. By now, your pre-bought beer is usually gone, but fear not, we have a fully stocked bar that is reasonably priced (the things we do for you) and food vans that help with those midnight munchies!
But as with all good things, the fantastic weekend must come to an end and you need to face the journey home.

So despite the frost, numb fingers and hazy memories, you have to admit that you have had a fantastic weekend and can’t wait to join us again next year!

Thanks the Oddballs!
oddballs mcc