Meet the Oddballs

The Oddballs Motorcycle Club

Formed in the summer of 1987, the Oddballs Motorcycle Club maintains a membership of 40-60 Male & Female riders ranging in ages from the young and not so innocent to the oldies who should know better. 
We all enjoy club and charity ride outs, touring and meeting new and exciting people in fields with marquees, rock music and a beer or 5 at Rallies all over the country and Europe.

You could say "we are a likeminded bunch" but that would not be true. We are all very different, all odd in our own individual ways, with different tastes in bikes, lifestyle's and views. But the one thing that makes us unique, is our friendly, fun and most importantly our welcoming band of brothers & sisters. Who of course know how to ride & party!

Join Us!
So whether you are a timid wall flower or a party animal high on life, who rides a bike or trike come and meet us, and be with the people who know how to have fun! 


The Oddballs MCC promotes a positive image to motorcycling, and each year we have nominated charities that we raise money for through various fundraising activities. 
At the moment  our two main charities are Shropshire Air Ambulance and Shropshire & Stafford Blood Bikes with additional monies going to other charities and good causes. 

The Oddballs
Committee Members
Each year at the Oddballs AGM we elect our committee to represent us for the following 12 months.

Some members have held the same position for many years while other positions change anually,  just like socks.

These hardworking guys & gals are our current commitee members.

They might not be the brightest, or the prettiest, but what they all have is pride and dedication to the club.

oddballs mcc

Chairman: Tim Holness

Possibly the iligitimate love child  of Bob Holness from Block Busters.

He is Our leader! 

If you are an alien race, this is who we take you to ! 

[email protected] ​​

Treasurer: Karen Roach

This lady has a vice like grip on the Oddballs money. Just dont mess! 

oddballs mcc

Vice Chairman: Jane Harrison

Our second in command, if you're not an alien race, this is who we take you to. 

PS her bite is worse than her Bark!

[email protected]

oddballs mcc

Rally Secretaries:  Dave Lowe and Gaz

Not a low budget tribute band, but our joint rally secretaries. These guys keep the Oddballs on tour, partying with our Brothers & Sisters

[email protected]
[email protected]

Club Secretary: Chris

Married to a guy called Rambo, nuff said !

oddballs mcc
oddballs mcc

Social Secretaty: Big Dave

He may not always know where he is,
but knows where we are going.

Well that's what he say's anyway....

[email protected]

Charity Representative: Grymm

He might be Grymm by name, but he has a massive heart.
Our new Charity rep.
Capable of getting money off a Tory MP, or a bacon sandwich from a Vegan.

[email protected]

oddballs mcc

Rally Coordinator Michelle and Master of the Bands Dave

One of the few surviving Bike & Trike only rallies, the Oddballs rallies are legendary in the mortorcycling community. 

To keep you coming back for more, our coordinators are relentless in their search for new bands, stall and food vendors for our Winter and Summer Rallies. If you want to know more drop Mchelle or Dave an email for details 

[email protected]
[email protected]

oddballs mcc

Merchandising Reps:
Mike & Lisa

We know we're not pretty, so we need all the help we can get to look good. Thats why we have two reps to look after our image. 

oddballs mcc

Rally Treasurer: Top secret !

aka The hitman.
If we told you who they were. We would have to kill you afterwards. So, Just dont ask. 


The un-sung member of our committee, but none the less the mainstay of your club.

Gilbert the Alien, we salute you!